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Hotel Hyatt Sanur – Bali: Welcome to Paradise!

14 December 2012 - Bali, Asia, Indonesia No comment

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: Bouganvilia

Today, I will present another super hotel, also from Bali – Hotel Hyatt Sanur. Unfortunately it doesn’t cost 29 euros , but it is simply superb, so I didn’t resist the temptation of presenting it here. I stayed there twice – in 2004 and in 2009 and it seemed to me the closest place to how I imagine paradise to be …Not necessarily the hotel in such, but especially the gardens – they are an absolutely wonderful combination of orchids, frangipani, hibiscus and bougainvillea. Actually, the different building parts of the hotel are named after these gorgeous flowers.

How I ended up here? Simple, from the deck …Same as in the case of the airlines companies the big hotel chains have fidelity programs, and one accumulates points if staying at that certain hotel chain. And as I kept accumulating points during business trips, especially at Belgrade Hyatt, I used my points in Sanur…or better said in paradise…

Sanur is a very quiet resort. Families usually come here. It is also nicknamed “Snore”. If you want a peaceful relaxation time this is perhaps the place. Hyatt is the major hotel in this resort, it is THE Hotel.

In 2004, I had my share of a movie like welcome. I stayed for a few days at a hotel in Sanur, a 20 dollars a night place (hotel Santai), and for two days we decided to splurge and stay at the Hyatt… as we had a lot of baggage (we were on a backpacking spree through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand), we took a bemo from in front the Santai. A Bemo is a small bus used as a public means of transportation that uses a certain fixed route, but it does stop upon request, a sort of a maxi-taxi… I told the driver about 3 times that I wish to go to the Hyatt , he couldn’t believe his ears that we wanted to go to there… backpackers going to THE Hyatt…eventually he dropped us off at the reception, that is in the middle of the gardens… The welcoming committee at the Hyatt was amazed when seeing us with our backpacks stepping out of the bemo at a 5 star hotel, but immediately put flowers around our necks and hit a gong – in honor of some distinguished guests like us.

In 2009, we came by car from Ubud. No more bemo ! So we had a less amazed welcome….Unfortunatelly, our room wasn’t ready so after we finished our welcome drinks we went out to have a meal in Sanur…

But let me tell you a bit about the hotel – as I said, the garden is superb! But aside the green space and the floral madness, the resort has two pools – one is around a bar that is located in the middle of the pool and the second one, there is a copy of the Goa Gajah temple… a wide open mouth that creates a mini waterfall. It is obviously that there is also a spa center (in 2004 I stayed in a gigantic Jacuzzi, now I used the small one near the beach) where you can have a Bali massage at not so Bali like prices. I was telling you about the beach …. As soon as you get out of the hotel, you are on the beach ! I cannot say that the Sanur beach is out of the ordinary, I’d be lying  – the ones in Thailand or the Philippines are way above this one, but what does it matter …the water is warm in any day of the year…

The entire propriety is build in a Bali style – rooftop from palm leaves, a lot of wood, flowers, dark green grass. And the rooms are also Bali– style decorated. Although not something to write home about, they are cute – with a balcony, surrounded by flowers and greenery. One evening, I had the surprise to find the bathtub full of flower petals – ready for a Bali bath…

Enough writing, I will let you enjoy the pictures …And to smile…and to dream…and to wish you that you eventually reach Bali, even if you won’t stay at the Hyatt Sanur…All over Bali, you will feel that you reached paradise…



Prices: 180 dollars the double room in full season (European summer – dry season in Bali), 130 dollars off season (European winter – rainy season in Bali).

Pictures of Bali:

 Hotel Hyatt Sanur: reception


Hotel Hyatt Sanur: reception


Hotel Hyatt Sanur:

Hotel Hyatt Sanur:

Through the hotel – offices, stores…

Hotel Hyatt Sanur:

Hotel Hyatt Sanur room

The room

Hotel Hyatt Sanur room

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: the balcony

Hotel Hyatt Sanur garden

The garden in front of our balcony

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: Spa


Hotel Hyatt Sanur: Business lounge

Business lounge

Day tours

Where you can go …

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: restaurant in the evening

In the evening … a restaurant on the side of the pool

Bali restaurants

Ready for dinner

Fruit breakfast in Bali

Breakfast – less exotic fruits

Fruits of Bali

Or more exotic ones

Balinese bath

This is where breakfast is served

Hotel Hyatt Sanur:

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: chess

Let’s play some chess?

Hotel Hyatt Sanur gardens

The gardens

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: Bouganvilia

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: gardens

Hotel Hyatt Sanur garden

Bali pictures: the garden

Hotel Hyatt Sanur flowers

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: garden lake

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: the garden

Hotel Hyatt Sanur:

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: the beach

The sea from our balcony

Hotel Hyatt Sanur green garden

The view from our balcony

Hotel Hyatt Sanur swimming pool

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: pool

The small pool

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: pool bar

The pool bar

Hotel Hyatt Sanur: the pool

Hotel Hyatt Sanur pool and flowers

Bali hotels

Hotel Hyatt Sanur swimming pool

Hotel Hyatt Sanur:

Pool bar of Hotel Hyatt Sanur

Hotel Hyatt Sanur naked girls

Hotel Hyatt Sanur pool bar

The big pool

The big pool

Hotel Hyatt Sanur:

The Goa Gajah waterfall

Goa gajah pool at Hotel Hyatt Sanur

Hotel Hyatt Sanur:

Hotel Hyatt Sanur pool

Sanur beach

The beach

Bali beach

Sanur beach

Sanur beach

A traditional boat

Sunset over Sanur

Good night, Sanur!

Beautiful sunset of Bali

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