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Number One Valentine’s Day destination in Ibiza

7 February 2013 Spain 1 comment


Valentine Day’s is coming near… So, what about a dream trip to Ibiza, the famous Spanish party-island ? Here you’ve got some tips on where to enjoy Ibiza at the best… or the most romantic :)

Puerto de Santa Eulalia

Best known for the rave parties, glow stick helmet accessories and party atmosphere, Ibiza is a top choice for most Brits on holidays. Among all these there is also a romantic side to Ibiza. Believe it or not, for those amongst us that want a relaxed holiday with the loved one and take a bit of the white isle’s sunshine, Ibiza has Puerto de Santa Eulalia to offer.

Being a top rated holiday choice, the price for a trip to Ibiza town can be a bit more than you would expect. With dinner ranging from 60 to 150 Euros for two, drinks and club fee, your eyes will pop out at the idea of going to Ibiza for a second time. Add to that the taxi-meter buzzing upwards, the flights and a romantic 5 stars hotel, there’s not much left to enjoy once you’re there.

But there is another option. A cheaper option. Spend a lovely holiday with your partner and save that dinero by going to Santa Eulalia.

Puerto de Santa Eulalia

If you choose to spend this Valentine’s Day in Ibiza I strongly recommend staying in Puerto de Santa Eulalia. Hotels are cheaper and being of-peak season you’ll have more to spend on that high romantic gesture…a ring maybe?

Anyway, once that’s done avoid the taxi and the hassle and get a car hire in Ibiza with Holiday Autos. Why Holiday Autos? Because they give you a pretty awesome discount of up to 15%. It really is a bargain. Drive to Santa Eulalia and enjoy a romantic stroll under the moonlight after you check in at Insotel Fenicia.

Insotel Fenicia prestige Spa Hotel

This hotel has everything you’re looking for: impressive architecture, spacious rooms, friendly staff, huge breakfast choice and the spa doesn’t disappoint. From the airport it only takes 15 minutes to get there so it’s also useful if one night you decide to visit Ibiza town – well worth doing if you want to enjoy a bit of rave as well.

Restaurant El Cafe

There is no Valentine’s Day without a candle light dinner and smooth ambiance and this restaurant has it all; with a view towards the marina of Santa Eulalia this place will charm your senses and appetite. A wide range of tapas and an amazing selection of wine is definitely the way to get some brownie points with your loved one.

The perfect way to end a nice romantic day is with a walk along the marina – watching the sun dive into the sea. As you can see, there is more to Ibiza than the raves so book the tickets and hotel, rent a car and surprise your better half this February.


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