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Some of the many things one need to see when visiting Canakkale

5 January 2016 Turkey 1 comment

There are so many fantastic things to see in Canakkale, but if you are there for some short time you need to make a good choice even before you start your trip. It is good to make a full plan, as this place will amaze you on the first step you make on its ground. The enjoyment will be even greater if you read a bit about all good things it can offer for the tourists.

Legendary Troy and Trojan Horse

The story about the legendary Troy and the Trojan horse is known throughout the world. Rare are those who have not heard of the beautiful Helen of Troy because she was the reason of the ten-year war between Troy and Greece. If you are not sure what are the best things as the choice for Canakkale, Turkey things to do, it is good to read a bit more and find out some important facts about this place. Those who visit Canakkale have the opportunity to feel the breath of the past that runs through interesting stories about love and war.

The ancient Troy is known as Truva in Turkey and this is historical place where you can hear so many good stories about Paris who loved Helen, his brave brother and unbeatable Achilles. It will be enough to stand in the middle of the ruins and hear the whispers of love and sacrifice. Beside the ruins, you will love this place because you will be able to see the Trojan horse, the real one which has been used in the movie of Troya. There is no doubt you will stop here and take a photo, as this is a fantastic place to make some future memories.

Gallipoli Battlefields tour

If you decide to visit the Gallipoli Battle Fields, prepare for a little longer walk and all day enjoyment. It is good to know that this historic battlefield is divided into northern and southern sides and that each side has its own story. These battlefields in Turkey are called Gallipoli Peninsula. This is where the battle was taking place in World War I, so if you like to hear some interesting facts about the history of this time, be patient and enjoy the dynamic story of tourist guides.

At the Northern Gallipoli there was a confrontation between the countries which formed the Alliance and the Turks. United troops of the French, British and countries of Austria and New Zealand, along with the Indians attacked the Ottoman Empire and after 9 months of bitter fighting, they lost the battle thanks to the fantastic Kemal Pasha Ataturk, who has become famous person through the history and his achievements were described in different books.

At the Southern part of the Gallipoli Peninsula, visitors can see the memorials and cemeteries. In the southern part are buried all those who participated in this relentless battle. In addition to the cemeteries, one can see the Salim Mutlu War Museum and gallery that testifies to the historical conflict.

Interesting trip to Cimenlik Fortress or Archaeology Museum

Visiting of Cimenlik Fortress is easy, as you can do this without anyone’s help. This fortress is in the center of Canakkale, so you can take your time and chose the best time to visit this attraction. If you like to take some photos beside the old cannons or want to watch the sea from the fortress, you will love this wonderful castle that was built by Mehmet the Conqueror, one of the Ottoman sultans from the past. The good thing with this Fortress is it is close to some other attractions, like Naval Museum, which is definitely worth of your notice.

One more attraction, which is worth of your attention is Archaeology Museum. This museum is not very big, but is certainly a good place to spend some time and look over the artifacts.

Dardanelles view and Bosporus trips

It’s really amazing how many significant historical monuments are located near to the coast, which lies on the Dardanelles. So many tourist attractions are impossible to see in a short time. However, when you look towards the sea expanse and realize that you are near the part of the sea, which is actually a historically significant crossroads sea, it is already enough to feel different and special.

Near the Dardanelles is mighty Bosporus and it is certain that one can give to another warm recommendation to take a cruise tour, as you will enjoy. In this way you will be able to see the most sights that are characteristic of Canakkale directly from the sea. The blue cruise turkey prices are not high, so this is the fantastic opportunity to see more in a shorter time.

Written by Aleksandra Prokopovic for Alaturka Cruises

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  1. There’s nothing better than going somewhere so full of history. I have to admit not even knowing about this place, and feeling sheepish for not knowing any better. My wife and I have made what we call the Obscurity bucket list, full of places we had previously never heard of, but that had plenty to offer to the intrepid visitor. We made it our goal to go see every one of those places before she and I leave this world behind, and this one is going high on the list. So many places like Paris and London get the lion’s share of tourism when places like this really should see many more people for what it offers.

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