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5 Things To Do In Edinburgh Scotland


Next to some of the popular cities spread around England and Ireland, the capital of Scotland can sometimes be overlooked. Edinburgh doesn’t have quite the name recognition of London or Dublin, but it’s a beautiful and fascinating place in its own right. And like some of the other great cities of the British Isles it blends ancient influence and modern appeal in ways that can be wonderful for travelers.

In case you get the chance to visit in the near future (which I’d highly recommend), here are a few fun things to make sure you do while you’re there.

Hike Calton Hill

This is an outstanding area to visit if you want to take in a glorious view of the entire city. Designated as a public park in 1724, Calton Hill is one of the reasons Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s easy to see why if you visit. It’s a light hike, and from the top you can see stunning angles of Edinburgh and also glimpse the North Sea. History and literature fans alike will also appreciate that the hill’s view is said to have been a favorite of Robert Louis Stevenson, the Scottish author behind Treasure Island and Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.

Explore Edinburgh Castle

The predominant landmark in town, Edinburgh Castle is spectacular to behold. It’s also probably the most popular attraction in the city, so it can be crowded on nice days. But you can still book a ticket and tour much of the castle on any given day. The views of the city from Castle Hill (where the castle is situated) are impressive, but the palace itself is captivating. You’ll get to see structures that in some cases date back to the 1100s, and learn about the long, dynamic history of the castle. You’ll also see the Crown Jewels, as well as the Scottish National War Memorial.

Wander The Royal Mile

If you want a more general feel for the city, the Royal Mile is the place to be. It’s actually a street that begins near Edinburgh Castle and stretches through the Old Town, and it’s a great place to wander for an afternoon. There are pubs, shops, restaurants, and as many people-watching opportunities as you could ever hope for. Additionally, the Royal Mile is home to the Scotch Whiskey Experience, which is sometimes included among the city’s better tourist attractions.

Take A Break At Grosvenor Casino

It’s increasingly rare to find interesting brick-and-mortar casinos these days. Particularly in the UK, this type of entertainment now primarily exists on the internet. Game developers have partnered with a wealth of top software providers to bring smooth and engaging experiences to players that rival the best offerings at actual venues. Nevertheless, there’s something fun about stopping in at a real-life casino as you’re touring a large capital city, and the Grosvenor is worth a stop. It’s located at the western edge of the city (a little apart from much of your exploring), and offers all the games and amenities you’d hope to find.

Have A Drink At The Blackbird

You wouldn’t be doing the Scottish capital correctly if you didn’t make a point of stopping at an interesting bar or pub, and this is one of the best. Described in one write-up as a popular neighborhood haunt, it has a very authentic feel to it, even if it’s also on the map for tourists. It’s a cozy place that combines an excellent beer selection with an almost surprising number of cocktail options. There’s also a beer garden out back, and there are some decent menu options for food, too.

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  1. Veni Setan says:

    Edinburgh is a very beautiful city. It is near London and definitely a must-see place for people who love scenic landscape. Definitely bookmarking your article for future reference. :)

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