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Top 5 Places in Romania

30 September 2017 Romania No comment

9. Poarta Sf. Ecaterina si Biserica Neagra Brasov

Romania is growing as a tourist destination with medieval old towns to centuries-old Painted Monasteries and the natural beauty of the Carpathians. Planning your dream trip around Romania is affordable, and there are lots of places to see. If you want to have a little extra spending money to stay in luxury, find a short-term loan (follow the link for more info). Here are five of the best places to visit in Romania.

1# Brasov:

Brasov is the most popular destination in Romania with a large old town in the centre and being the home of Dracula. An international airport allows travellers to fly in from across Europe to have a once in a life-time Transylvanian experience. Massive mountains and lush landscapes surround the city giving it a certain charm. Several restaurants fill the old town offering traditional Romanian cuisine and locally produced wine.

2# Sibiu:

Sibiu is a small fortified city in Transylvania. Walking through the cobblestone medieval streets, you’ll pass centuries-old architecture, traditional German houses, and large squares. The town is separated into the Upper, and Lower Towns and one of the most charming characteristics of this once walled citadel is present when you look up. The roofs of the houses seem to have eyes and are watching you!

3# Iasi:

Iasi, pronounced ‘Yash’ is a university city in the north-eastern part of Romania near the border with Moldova. Highlights include the towering gothic Palace of Culture that dominates the skyline near the mall. You can walk along the pedestrian street behind the Palace to see some of the historical monuments, including several medieval churches. A large number of students means most people in the city can speak English. And where there are students, you’ll find cheap drinks and good food. Spend at least a few nights in Iasi.

4# Cluj-Napoca:

Once part of Hungary, Cluj-Napoca is the capital of the Transylvania region. A small old town and large parks makes this an excellent destination to visit for a few days. While it lacks the charm of some of the other former walled citadels in the region, it makes up for it with dining. Several restaurants line the new streets serving up pretty much anything and everything. One of the highlights of Cluj is the nearby Hoia Baciu Forest, which is said to be the most haunted forest in the world. Walk through yourself or join a late night tour if you’re brave enough!

5# Coloured Monasteries:

A trip to Romania is incomplete without seeing their most iconic attractions: The Painted Monasteries in the northeast of Moldavia. Frescoes and murals of famous Orthodox saints cover their exteriors. The monasteries themselves date back to the 15th and 16th centuries, and they’re unique to Romania. You can visit as part of a larger tour of the region or on a day trip from Iasi.

A Romanian Adventure:

Romania is a vast country with various landmarks and attractions ranging from medieval citadels to haunted forests. Take a trip to this unexplored part of Europe and experience the best Romania has to offer before it becomes more established on the tourist trail.

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