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MYFLYRIGHT: Taking Care of Your Passenger Rights

26 August 2019 Tips & Tricks 1 comment

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We all know that when travelling by plane there’s a whole host of things that can go amiss, so you should know what you can do to fight for your rights as a passenger.

It’s fairly common these days for flights to be cancelled or delayed, to be denied boarding or to have to wait days for baggage to arrive, and all these situations are of course extremely frustrating. Most of us regular people have no clue where to start when this happens, but there is a plethora of stories out there about being stranded at airports, missing connections because of lengthy delays or suitcases being lost forever. So, if it’s such a common occurrence, why aren’t we more familiar with what to do when we experience these issues? I suppose it makes sense, as passenger rights is a complex subject, full of regulations, exceptions and perplexing legal terms – maybe, like me, that all seems like far too much work to worry yourself about.

But I have been stuck in an airport. I have been close to tears watching my flight get delayed for yet another hour. And, I have been bumped from a flight for a trip I’d been planning for months. So, I decided I should brush up on what my options are – after all, it seems likely I’ll need the information in the future, with all the travelling I do. Thankfully, it really doesn’t have to be so complicated – and you don’t have to become a legal expert to make sure you get what you deserve.

First of all, how can you find out if you even have a claim against the airline? There are several pieces of information that are needed to figure this out and they have to do with your flight route, distance, how late you arrive at your destination and a multitude of other things that apply to specific situations. But there’s no need to spend time doing extensive research on the matter – you can simply visit MYFLYRIGHT’s website, type in the number and date of your flight in the box provided and voila! You immediately see whether you can claim.

Now, if you’re in luck and you have a chance of getting compensation, MYFLYRIGHT can even pursue your case for you. With their experience in travel rights, they can take on the airline in your stead – all you have to do is submit your documents, which hardly takes any time at all. When you consider the other option – fighting the case alone, spending time trying to communicate with the airline, sometimes having to pay extensive legal and court fees – using MYFLYRIGHT looks like the way to go.

MYFLYRIGHT are the experts for passenger rights, whose aim it is to make the claims process simpler, fairer and more affordable for those who experience problems while flying. Check out their site for all you need to know about your rights, as well as comprehensive information on their services. Now if you ever run into difficulties with your flight, you know someone who’s there to help.



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    Thanks friend, your information is very helpful for every traveler.

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    MYFLYRIGHT: Taking Care of Your Passenger Rights

    26 August 2019

    MYFLYRIGHT: Taking Care of Your Passenger Rights

    We all know that when travelling by plane there’s a whole host of things that can go amiss, so you should know what you can do to fight for your rights as a passenger.

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