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Read Imperator Travel Blog in order to get information and trips & tricks on visiting Malta. Read my travelogues from Malta, but also get practical information – things to do in Malta, sights, where to eat, how to move around, about history and religion. Find out how to travel to Malta in order to better plan your trips… and save money !

Malta – an island so small, so many things to see

 Marsaxlokk harbour in Malta

If you take a look at the world’s map, you’re sure to miss it. If you take a look at Europe’s map, with a little bit of luck, you may spot it…but even if it’s only “2 by 2”, Malta hides countless architectural treasures that are really worth visiting. First you must know that Malta is a blend of cultures – it is the only European nation to speak an Arab dialect (Maltese language is an Arab dialect), but they are also the only catholic Arabs, and religion is very important in their day to day life. Malta was conquered by Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, multi national knights, British, each of the leaving something behind –  on such a small island.

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