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Top 3 cities to go betting

26 June 2016 - Macao, France, USA No comment

01. Monte Carlo casino

For many travelers, betting is a fun experience. Actually, even if you are not an experienced casinos-goer, if you arrive in certain locations, it would actually be a shame not to add another experience to the multitude of experiences and memories you can collect on the road. So, which are those 3 cities which would make you go to a casino? There are several, but I would pick up just 3 – Monte Carlo, Macao and Las Vegas.

Many people do not know too much about Monaco. It is a small sovereign state on the famed Cote d’Azur. As in the case of the many mini-states which survived in Europe, the existence of Monaco is due to several geo-political factors… You can write books about the history of Monaco, but this does not matter – the state still exists and nowadays it is synonym with style, chic and luxury. But it wasn’t like this… Especially, after WW2, it was broken and many people believed the only way to survive was to become part of France. However prince Rainier had other plans – he married the Hollywood-star Grace Kelly and the “wedding of the century” brought the small state into the spotlight – the famed Monte Carlo casino was again full with the rich and beautiful and today Monaco is one of the most famous gambling destinations of Europe and not only.

Even if you have never stepped into a casino, do it in Monte Carlo. This was my first casino years ago. You don’t need to bet too much money or be dressed too fancy to get to the ground floor where you can play. Obviously, if you want to reach the famed areas, you need to wear expensive suits and be ready for a James Bond-type of atmosphere. But it is worthy.

What else you can do in Monte Carlo? Go to the old city where you can visit the Princely Palace (in case the current prince, Albert de Monaco is not in residence) or better, go and visit the Exotic Garden, up on the hills which dominate the small state for a fantastic mix between an unforgettable panorama and wonderful flowers and plants.


Macao is the Monte Carlo of Asia. The story is somehow similar. Macao has been a Portuguese colony for centuries, but the war and the economic mismanagement brought it to the brink of bankruptcy. It was saved not by a prince, but by a visionary entrepreneur, Sir Stanley Ho who escaped the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong and refugees in the neutral Macao during the war. He built a huge casino business, attracting all the aficionados of Asia. After 1999 when Macao passed to the People’s Republic of China, more and more casinos opened – all the big names of Las Vegas are here – from Sands to The Venetian and the old Lisboa owned by Mr. Ho got a new super-flashy brand new mega-casino looking from outside as a flame. However, here there are so many resorts which include casinos that you can live for a year and not get all the experiences.

What to do else in Macao ? Nowadays, it is a huge resort-entertainment city… one island is dedicated to fun and entertainment. But it is worth to go to the old center of Macao where you can experience the flavor of … Europe. The center is like a Portuguese city, magically built in Asia with all the goodies Portugal has – from the Porto wine to the incredibly tasty pasteis cookies… Just like in Lisbon.


The father of all the casino cities it is actually Las Vegas, a miracle built in the middle of the desert. But as Macao or Monte Carlo, Las Vegas is not only about betting – it is a complete entertainment destination. Here you can attend some of America’s biggest shows, America’s biggest sports events, you can attend countless concerts, burlesque shows or things you even cannot imagine. Yes, you can also marry the loved one (or not), or just relax. However, the city really wakes up in the moment when the night comes and you cannot miss to visit the biggest casinos and entertainment venues.

Grand Canyon is not far away and a helicopter trip will not be forgotten easily. But also come with an open agenda in Las Vegas. There are so many things to be done, it will be full instantly after you arrival.


I know, some of you might feel not easy to start betting into a real casino without knowing what to do. Do not worry! You can start learning and playing in an online casino, there are lots of online casino operators allowing to bet or to play for free. In that way you can practice your betting skills.

02. Casino Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo casino

03. The Venetian Las Vegas

The Venetian – Las Vegas

04. Lisboa Macao

Lisboa casinos in Macao

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