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To time-share or not to time-share. Timeshare vs. hotels

4 October 2017 accomodation 4 comments

 Wyndham Bonnet Creek - Central Building time share

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed a boom into different types of accommodation for people who want to travel and see the world. The most spectacular boom was probably the advent of couch surfing, a phenomenon similar in scope maybe only to Facebook, but there are still millions of people who want a place for themselves, to relax, to enjoy and, why not… to remember. Obviously, we have the hotels, which have existed for millenniums (yep, really, apparently the first hotels were found in Ancient Egypt in the time of Pharaohs), but meanwhile, lots of other accommodation types have appeared. Let’s talk today about timesharing !

Time sharing appeared for the first time in Europe in the 60s when a ski resort developer in the French Alps had big problems in finding customers for his high priced resort. Realizing that coffee shops sold cake only by the slice (since the entire cake was too expensive and could not be consumed at one sitting) he marketed his resort by encouraging guests to “stop renting a room” and, instead, “buy timeshare”. He was pretty successful and the idea crossed the Ocean and the first timeshares appeared in Florida. But it wasn’t about buying one or two weeks in a property, but licensing for 25 years. The company who developed the idea had just two properties… so the people who bought these “licenses” had to choose between the 2 places to spend some time for next 25 years. This was 1975. But, things change a lot in 37 years.


How does it work now? Simply – you can buy 1 week, 2 weeks, how many weeks you want from a timesharing company. Then, you can use it, rent it, or exchange it to thousands of other resorts. Today, there are 40 million US families who own a time-share and according to the industry sources, almost 80% are quite happy about it. So, the system cannot be wrong.

Timeshares vs. hotels

OK, we are more used to staying in hotels. They are everywhere. They have plenty of maids, because you go on holiday not to house keep! However, based on the timeshare properties which I’ve seen, I tend to believe the timeshares provide superior comfort.

What does a hotel room look like? Unless you pay big time for the huge suites, you basically have a larger or smaller room with a TV set, mini-bar, bathroom and a few other amenities. What about the timeshare ? You actually get a condo or a house – you have a few bedrooms and bathrooms, fully equipped kitchenettes and even a living room… if you have a family that would be perfect. And by the way, you don’t need to clean them… you can request a maid service :-) .

But what about entertainment and on-site activities? In hotel resorts, you can find lots from pools to tennis courts, from kids clubs to God knows what…What about timeshares? Well, there are some timesharing properties which can offer complex additional activities from horse riding to golf playing.

Another problem which I might have? Well, I am the guy who does not like to spend his free time and holidays in the same place. Yes, there are some types who want to go back every year to a particular familiar area, but I am not one of those types. And with hotels, you can find them everywhere in each corner of the Planet. You would think with timeshare, I am constrained to a very limited set of properties owned by the company I bought my week from. This is also not exactly true. You can exchange your timeshare ownership by using an exchange company like RCI or Interval International depending on which company your resort is associated with. Today’s timeshare programs are more flexible than ever, offering traditional weeks as well as vacation club memberships, points programs and exchange programs so that you experience many destinations with a worldwide choice of resorts.

Where on the Earth are these timeshares? Everywhere, there are more than 5,000 resorts worldwide. You want to go fishing, skiing, gambling or Mickey Mousing in Orlando? You’ll find timeshares! You want a bit of exotic taste – Mexico is full with such timesharing properties from from its exciting capital down to unspoilt beaches… In the Caribbean – there is practically no island without a timeshare resort. You dream of overseas … Africa, Australia and Asia joined the club, while in the case of Europe – Europeans invented the thing, so you will find plenty of opportunities. Find a timeshare resale company like BuyaTimeshare.com and get whatever you dream of!

If you bought a long-term timeshare and you want to terminate the contract you can just resell your timeshare, or rent it. You can even donate it!

When you think about holiday, you decide your location based on quite a lot of criteria, but in most of cases, the price always makes the top 3 most important things. This is probably the best news – timeshares are usually cheaper, sometimes much cheaper than the 4 – 5 star hotels if purchased or rented on the secondary market.

So, let’s review the good things about timeshares… they are usually bigger and with more amenities than a hotel. They can have the same on-site activities as a hotel. They can be cheaper than a hotel. And you can find literally thousands of options all over the world.

Do you or your family have any experience with time sharing ? If yes, I would love to hear your opinions  :-) .

Time share properties worldwide

1. Florida Disney Time share pool.jpg

Time share in Florida, at Disney resort… Enjoy the pool :)

2. England time share.jpg

Traditional house – time share in England

3. Italy time share.jpg

Good taste, Italian style

4. Malaga time share kitchen.jpg

A time share kitchen in Malaga, Spain

5. Fiji time share.jpg

and even in the exotic island of Fiji  :)

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  1. Ron says:

    My parents had a timeshare back when i was a kid. it was really cool. I should consider this, mate !

  2. Dale says:

    Great article. In the end, the choice between a hotel room and a time share has to do with personal preference and style. For vacations, the space you can get for 7 days in a time share with the convenience of doing some of your meals at home, makes time shares a great bargain.

    But if you cannot plan ahead — need a place quickly and on short notice — often hotels may be your only choice.

  3. Kelly says:

    I wasn’t able to do timeshare this time, but I heard fantastic things about it.

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