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6 Tips for Taking Your Family Camping

4 December 2018 miscellaneous 3 comments


Going to a camp is a hilarious experience. This is because it gives you an opportunity to take a break from your busy lifestyle for a while. However, planning for such a getaway can be a challenge when there are kids involved. This is due to the fact that your kids may not be willing to experience life in the wilderness. Besides that, children are a delicate lot. You must therefore choose carefully where to go and what to carry. Organizing such a trip can be much easier for parents that got used to camping before they married. Regardless of that, there are some things you can do to ensure that your family trip becomes a memorable one. Here is a list of tips to follow when organizing a family camping expedition.

  1. Select a Favorable Camping Destination

Before you head out to a camp with your family, it’s important you first take time to choose a site that’s children friendly. An ideal camping site for a family is one that has toilets and bathrooms. Such a campsite makes it easier to maintain a high degree of cleanliness when out in the woods. If you are afraid of surprises, you can opt for a ground that you are familiar with. Alternatively, you can use the internet to find the most suitable camp sites for families. In fact, your choice of a camping ground should be guided by the interests of the kids. You should therefore ask them to list the kind of experience that they desire. If they want to go fishing or bird watching, a destination that’s near a river or a lake would be the best.

  1. Get a Family Size Tent

You can’t go camping without a tent. And since you will be going with your entire family, it’s advisable you buy a tent that’s big enough to accommodate all of you including pets and luggage. If some of your children are at least 18 years, you should consider getting a separate tent for them because they may not feel comfortable when they can’t have their own privacy. When shopping for a tent at https://www.epicwilderness.com/best-6-person-camping-tent-review/ , you should opt for one that’s easy to set up. You should also ensure that it’s well ventilated.

  1. Pack Essential Items

If want to have the best camping experience, you should pack all the items that you might need while you are away from home. This will ensure that your stay in the woods will not be much different from what your family is used to. At the end of it all, you want to be prepared to cope with whatever the wilderness will throw at you. In a nutshell, you must bring items that make it easy to survive in a strange environment. Some of the things that should be packed include:

  •         Headlamps
  •         Sunscreen
  •         Insect repellent
  •         Rechargeable batteries
  •         Flashlights
  •         Multi-tools
  •         Knife
  •         Scissors
  •         Sleeping bags
  •         Camping stove and fuel
  •         Antibiotics
  •         Pain killers
  •         Heavy clothes and shoes
  •         Fishing rods
  •         Binoculars
  •         Hunting gear
  1. Do a Test Run

When you do a test run, you will be able to gauge your family’s level of preparedness. The other advantage is that you will be able to put every gear to know whether every gear is functioning like it should to avoid getting disappointed after arriving at the campsite. The backyard is the best place for conducting such a test. Just set up the tent and make your family sleep in it for one night. This will give them firsthand experience on how it feels to sleep outdoors.

  1. Pack Food Items

Before you leave your home, you should ensure that you have enough food supplies for the whole family. You should carry food that can sustain all of you for at least one week. In fact, you should carry canned food because it tends to have an extended shelf life. If you have a big van, you can take a refrigerator as it will help in preserving your food. You will also enjoy drinking crispy water and other beverages.

  1. Create a List of Activities

Idling while at a campsite is boring. Your days and nights will be longer. And before long, your family will start pressuring you to take them back home. When you have a list of activities, time will move fast because everyone will be busy. You can go fishing, hunting, play football or baseball, ride bicycles, fly kites and so much more.



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  1. warda says:

    I think camping is the best traveling activity which will trend in 2019, btw thank you for your tips very helpful.

  2. Lombok says:

    Nice tips and tips ! Hope it useful !

  3. trivoyage says:

    Yes, Please carry this item list first.

    Insect repellent
    Rechargeable batteries
    Sleeping bags
    Camping stove and fuel
    Pain killers
    Heavy clothes and shoes
    Fishing rods
    Hunting gear

    It should be must

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    6 Tips for Taking Your Family Camping

    4 December 2018

    6 Tips for Taking Your Family Camping

    Going to a camp is a hilarious experience. This is because it gives you an opportunity to take a break from your busy lifestyle for a while. However, planning for such a getaway can be a challenge when there are kids involved. This is due to the fact that your kids may not be willing […]


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