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Interview with Alexandra Kovacova – Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

28 May 2012 interview 3 comments

Alexandra Kovacova on Cancun beach

As of today, I will start a series of interviews with blogging travelers (or travel bloggers, as you wish). And my first interview is with Alexandra Kovacova, a crazy, sexy and fun traveler from Slovakia (by the way, if you anytime go visiting Vienna, do at least a side trip to Bratislava. It is worth it, although you might have few chances to meet Alexandra there – you have better chances in Mexico, Bolivia or Thailand).

So, Alexandra, why crazy ? why sexy ? why fun ? Traveler is obvious :)

Well, these are the things people say about me J I have always done crazy things, I think I am funny and then sexy? This is the word I get the most from the guys …

A lot of travel blogs have names including words like nomads, adventurous, globetrotter. How did you end up with this name ? Mentioning “sexy” is a way to attract readers ? :)

Ha ha, no, I didn’t even think of that when I put this name to the blog. It was just the best way to describe what I am haha and how people call me.

Tell me about your travels. I know it is hard to pick the best destination (I am also asked this myself, as well), but it seems you have a crush on Latin America. Why ?

Yes, I do, a huge one. Since I started learning Spanish, which was more than 15 years ago, I just felt in love with the language and the culture of Latin America and Spain, and the people. And if I settle down one day, it will probably be Latin America :)

I recently saw on Facebook a quote claimed to belong to Reagan who said that it is amazing, but there are different countries in Latin America. How would you describe each country you visited in Latin America. And at the end, I need to challenge you… in which one would you return tomorrow ?

Hm, yes, there is a HUGE difference between all the countries of Latin America! My favorite one is Mexico, number one, then I would definitely return to Costa Rica, Argentina and Bolivia … actually Chile too, for food and Atacama desert :) But most of all Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina.

Can you share any funny experience from the road ?

For me, the funny thing is when everyone remembers me. Like now, the whole hotel knows my name and where I come from and what I do. It’s funny to see 50 people working in the hotel and all of them shout my name and smile when they see me.

But a negative story from which you learned something.

Let’s take just the last one. When I was in Bolivia in April, I got sick, bad ear infection. And I couldn’t get rid of it because of the high altitude so instead of going to Peru to visit Machu Picchu (which has always been one of my biggest dreams ever!), I booked a ticket to Costa Rica to relax at the beach. I was really sad at first, but it turned out to be the best time ever, every single day out of 3 weeks spent in here. Sometimes you just have to take what comes and deal with it! It was a destiny and I met many amazing people here in Costa Rica which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Which is your travelling style ? How do you choose your places to visit, hotels to stay in, means of transportation.

I try to travel overland when it is possible, so trains or buses, what is shorter, more comfortable and cheaper in each country. When necessary, then the flights. And accommodation? It has to have a good wifi connection, be cheap, comfy and usually with breakfast :)

Many people complain that it is expensive to travel, especially long-term. How much do you spend for your trips ? Enlight us with some tips and tricks on how to stay within a low budget.

Well, depends on where I go, but I hardly ever spend more than 1,000 euro per month … unless I want to feel like on holidays haha or need to buy a lot of tickets/gear that month … otherwise I don’t spend too much. For example in 2011 I visited 14 countries, took 21 flights and for all the year I spent only 9,601 Eur. Here link to.

By the way, how do you finance your trip… Everyone swears would travel the world if having enough money.

That is the worst excuse ever! I am not rich, I earn from my blog only … You just have to set up your priorities … if you want to have a car or to spend half a year traveling around the world :)

Which is the craziest thing you ever done ?

Sky diving and I loved it! Need to do it again.

But the funniest ?

Uuuuf, every single day is funny for me and with me … so it’s hard to say!

Best orgasm ? :)

Haha you read my article about the magic fingers? Here link back to.

I heard lots of ladies claiming they would love to travel, but did not find a companion or two girls on the road would be dangerous. How can you travel the world as a female ? What to do, what to avoid, where to go, where not to go.

I don’t find it difficult nor dangerous at all. Everyone was saying I was crazy when I went to Mexico for 3 months, you know, all the dangerous stuff happening there … and then in the end I found it more safe than e.g. Spain. Just try to avoid places where the locals will tell you not to go.

Do you travel alone ? With other friends ? Boys ? Girls ?

I usually do travel alone, yes  … but in many places I know people, friends, or friends of friends or I just meet someone new and then we travel together for a couple of days… Doesn’t really matter if boys or girls, both.

I read that you were a flight attendant. Is this a way to see the world ? Do you see more than the airport ?

Yes, I used to work as one for 2 years. And never saw more than an airport … If you work just around Europe, you never will. It has to be long-haul flights, to overseas.

And the final nasty question ? Would you accept posing for Playboy to finance your trips ?

Hahaha no one ever asked me that … I am not sure if I would. Probably yes but only for a LOT of money and not naked … I mean nothing could be visible on the photo :)

Alexandra, thank you for your interview and … ten Buenos viajes !

 Alexandra Kovacova naked

Alexandra around the world – Cancun

Alexandra Kovacova in Boracay

Boracay, Philippines

Alexandra Kovacova on Boracay beach

Again, in Boracay

Alexandra Kovacova in Valle de Luna, Atacama desert, Chile

Valle de Luna in Atacama desert, Chile

Alexandra Kovacova in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Alexandra Kovacova in Glacier Martial, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.JPG

Glacier Martial in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Alexandra Kovacova in Laguna Colorada, Uyuni, Bolivia

Laguna Colorada, Uyuni, Bolivia

Manzanillo, Costa Rica.JPG

Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Alexandra Kovacova enjoying swimming pool in Totem Hotel Beach Resort in Costa Rica.JPG

Totem Beach Resort in Costa Rica

Alexandra Kovacova in Tulum, Mexico

Tulum ruins in Mexico on Costa Maya


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  1. […] reading, a mail entered into my mailbox… coming from a guy called Will Peach. I just published Alexandra’s interview and he wrote me asking if I don’t want to ask him some questions as well… Instantly, I asked […]

  2. Slovensko says:

    Alexandra is inspiring person for me. I am trying hard to make living with work I like. It is the top of live to wake up and make what you like.

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