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Carpatair Destinations: Stuttgart, The Vibrating City of South-Western Germany. Part 2

Views of Germany: baroque architecture in Stuttgart

We continue today with the second part of the article provided by Carpatair Magazine about Stuttgart. Unfortunately, I’ve never visited Stuttgart, I just passed through its railway station by train on the way to Munich, but after reading this article, I think I should go there soon… Maybe, invited by Carpatair :)

The Event Center “Stella International” (SI), a unique concept in Europe and a visit you will find hard to forget!

A single day spent here provides the tourist with the experience of an alternative Las Vegas: a casino, a musical theater, restaurants and shops, luxury apartments and an impressive wellness center and spa – these are but a few of the elements one can find in this unique place – actually, a concept that is unique in Europe as well. Stuttgart has always been a musical city.

The ‘rhythm’ of its music and showmanship is given by the Theaters Palladium and Apollo in this magnificent event center.

Hundreds of spectators have been charmed by the musicals “Mamma Mia” and “The Three Musketeers”. Impeccably designed for short stays, the 4 stars center accommodates its guests at the Millennium Hotel, a resort including 454 rooms, conference and reception halls; also available are the 195 residential suites of the Stella compound. The “Schwaben Quellen” spa, covering approximately 6,000 square meters, is a genuine relaxation oasis. Apart from the Olympic-size pools and modern fitness centers or solariums, tourists can enjoy the effect of a steam bath at the Turkish Hammam, or can access the secrets of Mayan Temples or the ice grottoes of our Genesis. After an absolute relaxation session, the “Casa Gambling” casino invites fans to try their luck at the roulette, Black Jack or baccarat. Throughout the day, but especially in the evening, the MaxX Film Palace, which is actually a multiplex of the future, can simultaneously seat up to 1,500 spectators, on an area of approximately 5,000 square meters. Six gigantic screens placed between pillars present new and old productions of the world cinema.

Numerous passages with chic stores and restaurants complete the offer for your end of the day in the biggest Event Center on the continent.

A One-Day Travel in the “Land of Bacchus”!

Stuttgart is not only the leading wine manufacturer in Germany, but also the location of the most impressive wine festival in this country. The more than 400 wine manufacturers in the Baden–Württemberg region are organized in seven winemakers’ associations. Alongside them, 100 independent manufacturers sell wine varieties such as Riesling, Kerner, Silvaner or Muller-Thurgau, directly to the end consumer. The most famous and equally most appreciated red wine of this region is Trollinger. Stuttgart– Uhlbach has become a meeting venue for all the wine lovers and connoisseurs across Europe. At Uhlbach you can visit the Viticulture Museum of Stuttgart, a historical building where you can follow ‘the route of the grapes’ from harvest to the final stage of the wine manufacturing process. Once tourists have completed the museum tour, they can sit in the relaxed atmosphere of the “Weinstuble” (wine tavern), where they can taste the wine varieties produced by each of the 7 winemakers’ associations of Stuttgart.

The Stuttgart Region, an oasis of health and relaxation

Stuttgart is rightfully considered a city with all the

characteristics of a huge SPA – boasting mineral baths, perfect parks and leisure spaces, carefully located within a spectacular geographical formula, in the heart of the city. More than 200 square kilometers in the Stuttgart area are covered by forests and pleasant valleys. The major attractions of the public parks are concentrated within the “Green U”, as they call it in Stuttgart.

This is a fantastic area of 8 square kilometers, dedicated to the best leisure activities, in the very heart of the city. The mineral waters of Stuttgart come from 19 different sources, with a daily output of 22 million liters of mineral water. On the entire European continent, Budapest is the only city with more generous sources.  12 of these sources in Stuttgart are currently ‘exploited’ by modern state-owned spa centers. The mineral waters of Stuttgart – Bad Cannstatt, Leuze and Berg – became famous as early as the Roman era, and their effects are still acknowledged throughout Europe.

Sights of Stuttgart

Sights of Germany: Baroque Stuttgart

The baroque architecture of Stuttgart

Dreamstime Stuttgart

Dreamstime Stuttgart

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  1. You should definitely come! Stuttgart is a very nice place :-) It might be lacking on the big attractions, but wine hills, Schlossplatz, Mercedes Benz museum and the best good of all of Germany are definitely worth the trip. We live here too, so give us a shout if you are around :-)

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