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Top 10 holiday destinations for 2015

22 January 2015 miscellaneous 2 comments

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With 2015 now well underway, fans of holidays and travel will be looking forward eagerly to their next foreign trip – but what are the top destinations to hit this year?

1. The Azores

These Portuguese islands offer outstanding views of cliffs and hills, plus an impressive array of wildlife – while fans of extreme sports will love the Cliff Diving World Series set to take place there during the summer.


2. Belgium

Last year was the 100th anniversary of World War One, but 2015 will see the Belgian city of Mons crowned European Capital of Culture, while Antwerp’s Rubens House plays host to an exhibition of his work – making Belgium ideal for culture lovers rather than sun worshippers.


3. Alaska

Another place not suited to sunbathers is this remote part of the US. However, if you love wildlife, the Denali National Park – complete with new nature trail being built right now – will suit you perfectly, while adventurers will relish the many fjords, plains, glaciers and mountains.


4. Las Vegas

One of the top places to visit if you at online casinos such as MobileCasinoAustralia.com.au  – Vegas is home to casinos like the MGM Grand, the Wynn and the Bellagio, as well as nightclubs and bars by the score. This is the place to pick if you want excitement, rather than relaxation.


5. Taiwan

One of the most affordable spots in the Far East, Taiwan offers superb camping in its forests and parks. You will surely want to check out cultural attractions like the temples and museums, as well as exploring the natural scenery and wildlife.


6. Medellin

Known as the capital of cocaine at one time, Medellin has been regenerated and now offers public parks filled with artworks – including sculptures by renowned local artist Fernando Botero – and tourist attractions like the Parque Explora and the yearly summer Feria de las Flores, as well as the glorious sunshine.


7. Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you want somewhere that offers picturesque landscapes and mild weather, while remaining off the conventional tourist trail, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be ideal.


8. Patagonia

If you love walking holidays, then exploring Patagonia’s W trek is something you cannot afford to miss – although you should be sure to go during the off-season, when there are fewer tourists.


9. Macedonia

This year, Macedonia will let you tour the excavations in Kasta Tumulus, considered one of the finest archaeological discoveries, and boasting possible links to Alexander the Great – and the area has superb scenery and beaches as well.


10. Singapore

This country celebrates its fiftieth year of independence in 2015, and is home to numerous festivals – as well as hosting the very first Formula One race to be held at night this year. Alongside the great weather, it means Singapore has something for everyone.

The world is your oyster this year, with innumerable fine destinations to visit.

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  1. winny says:

    alaksa sound interesting

    • Uptourist says:

      I was thinking the same thing. There is something interesting about a place that has a different way of life and an extreme temperature.

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