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The unknown gem of Eastern Europe: Tallinn

31 August 2017 Estonia 3 comments

18. Talinn view

Have you ever imagined how a princess fairytales city look like? Can you see yourself transposed in a fairytales world where princesses and princes are wandering the streets and fairy tales castles are guarding the ancient walls? Reval, the Hanseatic league city of the 13 th century has most definitely kept its past glory and charm. Have you guessed yet? Yes, it’s Tallinn.

Where to start from? Wherever you decide to start from it will definitely be a blast.Do you want to discover medieval art? You are in the right place. The Church of the Holy Spirit, just off Town Hall Square, is a real treasure of the Estonian medieval art and design. And don’t forget to look up at the beautiful facade and fines carved clock.

But let’s go back a little bit in time and discover the fascinating story of the city, once part of the Hanseatic trade league, one of the most well preserved city centers with its guard towers and ancient fortress. Built in between the 13th to the 16th centuries, Tallinn has now easily made it to the UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1997 due to its well preserved old town. But it’s glory and fame go back in time, Tallinn being also known as one of the most important medieval northern Europe trading cities.

Want to get an intersting panorama of the city? Go straight to Toompea Hill the highest point in Tallinn. Make sure you don’t miss the Toompea Castle, you will easily recognize it by the presence of the blue black and white Estonian flag, that is raised on top every morning.


Everywhere you look in Tallinn, you will see spires and church towers. Churches seem to be quite a symbol of Tallinn and not less that 20 of them are located in the old town area, so it’s quite a view of spires and towers – from above. Saint Olaf Church used to be the highest building in the world for some time in the mid 15th century and even today, it offers a fantastic panorama of the old city.


But Tallinn is definitely a leisure destination, as well. So, where to go in order to discover the greatest spas and hotels. What to do in Tallinn? Tallinn can be the starting point of your journey through Estonia’s beauties. From here you can head east to watch the forest coming to life in Lahemaa National Park. Or you can easily take a one day trip to Tartu, the cultural university center of Estonia.


Tallinn is worth for sure at least a 3 days visit in order to wander around, but also to get the chance to have a relaxing day at one of its hotels and spas.We had the chance to be invited to stay at the Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel. And I can say this is the place to be.  In case you don’t know, spa going is extremely popular among Estonians, who share the sauna tradition with their Finns neighbors. And what can be more relaxing than swimming in the Park Inn’s pools, enjoying the jacuzzi or the sauna after a long day discovering the city. Priceless 😉

Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel is an elegant hotel conveniently situated in the city center. The hotel combines its strategic location, close to the city center , Tallinn’s most important city attractions and shopping area with the quality of its services.

From the top of the hotel, you can have an excellent panorama of the old city, especially of the Estonian Parliament. The Restaurant awaits you with subtle aromas, fresh pastry and juicy dishes while you can spend the evening in a romantic and classy environment at the Cubano Bar, enjoying a delightful Havana cocktail. The hotel’s policy is simple “Happiness guarantee“. And how you can easily achieve that if not providing the highest standard services and facilities to your customers. The room was conveniently situated at the last floor, overlooking the city and giving us the opportunity to shoot memorable sunsets and sunrises. So, check them out! Talinn can be really astonishing from above, right?

Want to have a delightful afternoon? Check out the relaxation area in the Aqua spa. The 2 saunas where the water is conveniently adjusted to your preferences, the swimming pool and the sauna are all there awaiting for you. Don t forget to grab a cocktail from the bar and relax in style.

Once you are done pampering yourself there are still lots of stuff to do. You can got o the Cubano Bar, or just spend some time in the sauna or check out one of the 157 standard rooms, 280 superior rooms, 5 junior suites or just grab a juicy sausage to satisfy your appetite or enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset. Or take loads of pictures, as we do. It’s worth it. But you can decide by yourself! Have a sneak peak! So, welcome to Meriton, welcome to Park Inn by Radisson! Have a colorfull experience! Enjoy Estonia ! You will certainly do !


This post was written by Andreea. You can enjoy lots of nice pics on her Instagram account.


01. Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Tallinn

An excellent place to sleep – Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa !

02. Living

The nice living

03. Living in Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Tallinn

And a cool smiley face :)

05. Bedroom

Bedroom with a view

06. Terasse

And a great terrace to enjoy

07. Jacuzzi Tallinn

You cannot imagine how you can enjoy this after a long day of walking…

08. Massage

No need to go to Thailand for fish spa. You find it in Estonia, as well :)

09. Cookies in Park Inn


10. Tallinn panorama

Tallinn, the city of panoramas

11. Talinn view

12. Main square

The main square

13. Main Square - Tallinn

and its fairy tale buildings

14. St. Olav view

The view from the St. Olaf tower

15. Czar Peter palace in Tallinn

Peter the Great, czar of Russia built a palace in Tallinn

16. Estonian national park

Need a bit of nature ? A wonderful national park awaits for you near Tallinn

17. Estonian waterfall


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  1. Taj says:

    Thank you very much, this is Eastern Europe telefilm shoot with enjoy of sharing with another tourist.

  2. Naveen Kumar says:

    Amazing! seems like a beautiful place to me. Would plan a holiday there, Thank for sharing!

  3. John says:

    Great, that is an awesome place and It have good places which are full with beautiful things. Water fall is looking so good and stunning photos you shared of that beautiful place.

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