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Macau, China: The Vegas of Asia

15 March 2018 - Macao 2 comments

28. Piazza San Marco din The Venetian

If you love to travel, absorb an exotic culture and indulge in a little gambling, Macau could be your new favourite holiday destination. This spectacular city may be a mecca of glitz, glamour and gambling but it is so much more with a rich history and culture. The city was a Portuguese colony for 300 years before coming back under Chinese control, and the resulting mixture of European and ancient Chinese culture truly is a sight to behold. You can expect to see ancient Chinese temples on streets paved in Portuguese tiles, while you can indulge in traditional Chinese cuisine one day, and Portuguese the next!

The Macau Gambling Scene


One of the most famous aspects of the Macau gambling scene is the Venetian, with 980,00 square metres of breath taking architecture, featuring 3000 hotel suites, 500,000 square foot of gaming floor and enormous malls with the classic Venetian Grand Canal running through the mall while gondoliers ferry tourist around.

Macau has its own equivalent of the Vegas strip:  The Cotai Strip. It has all of the biggest casinos, including the Wynn, and the best hotels and clubs. This is the world’s most popular gambling site, beating Vegas in revenue and giving it a run for its money. The new casinos on Cotai are stretched along a single street called Estrada do Istomo, like in Nevada with glittering skyscrapers all around.

Like Las Vegas, you can hop between your favourite clubs and casinos, party at the best pool-sides and take in shows and all the best entertainment the city has to offer.



What else does the city have to offer?

This city has so much to offer whether you are a history buff, a foodie or you love to chill and unwind. If you have had your fill of gambling then check out these top attractions that you won’t find in Vegas:

  • Taipa Village: This village is a must see, with its intricate alleys, traditional shops and restaurants and churches and temples dotted along the main roads. You will see Chinese vendors selling hot foods and other wares, as you take a leisurely stroll through the peaceful area.
  • The Ruins of the Church of St. Paul: This 17th century church was one of the biggest monuments to Christianity in Asia and is a treasured icon of Macau. The engraved stone and divine statues make it a must see.
  • Lim Leoc Gardens: Explore the beautiful Sūzhōu-style garden and try some tai-chi, listen to locals playing Chinese music or simply relax among its lotus ponds and bamboo groves. You will find the Macao Tea Culture House beside the gardens where you can immerse yourself in the ancient Chinese culture of tea-drinking.


This is certainly a city with lots to offer and while you think about your trip, you can try out some Slots Baby Games, slotsbaby.com/all-games, to help you decide if the gambling holiday is for you!

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  1. Sharvi Sharma says:

    Really nice and informative article!

  2. Nick says:

    I loved Macao. It is so much better and lovely than Vegas. The casinoes are fantastic, I loved them. Shows as well. Additionally, I should say they have the best girls in the world. I always took a duo in my room (Asian + Australian girl) and I had the best sex orgies ever. Many are submissive, fulfilling any dream.

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