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Malaga Is Spain’s Hidden Gem

22 January 2015 Spain 3 comments


Spain is bursting with incredible destinations, and we’ve covered a lot of them in our section on Spanish travel. But considering all the attention given to places like Barcelona, Ibiza, and even Madrid, some of the most interesting locations in the country can be under-appreciated by comparison. One such location is Malaga, the beautiful city (and capital of the province of the same name) in the south of Spain on the Mediterranean Coast.

Naturally, one of the key features that makes Malaga such a fascinating destination is its situation so close to the Mediterranean. British Airways notes that a trip to Malaga puts you in easy range of the beaches and towns of Costa del Sol (essentially another name for the Mediterranean coastline in Spain), with many of the city’s bus routes including easy access to the beaches. This makes for a unique atmosphere among major Spanish cities. While Barcelona, Valencia, and a number of smaller cities are also situated on the Mediterranean, Costa del Sol has its own history. It sits at a historical crossroads of civilizations and has an interesting mix of deep-rooted history and modern tourist attractions.
In addition to its geographical location, cuisine is another of the main draws for Malaga. Generally, Spain is recognised for excellent food, both in specific dishes and in the style of eating cultivated at tapas restaurants. But the Andalusian region in which Malaga resides has a few styles of cuisine that differentiate it from the rest of the country, to some extent. In particular, the region, if anything, has seafood selections superior even to those you’ll find in the rest of the country.
It’s the fine dining scene that has picked up in recent years, though,  earning a write-up last year in The Guardian. The article quoted food historian Fernando Rueda as saying that Malaga is the “food hub of southern Spain,” with many of the area’s resources—goats’ milk, olive oil, and much more—serving as foreign exports that bolster the excellent reputations of French and Italian cuisine. But the greater point is that in recent years, the region has embraced these and other resources for its own cuisine, resulting in what has become an expanding hot spot for foodies.
Atmosphere and cuisine can certainly go a long way in setting a given destination apart as a great spot for tourism. However, in addition, Malaga has plenty of specific attractions to keep travellers occupied and entertained. Among these attractions, there are a number of different museums and historical sites that show off the storied past and varied cultural influences of the area. Ancient castles and cathedrals are available for tours, and the museum selection is more abundant than most tourists know what to do with. Arguably the coolest specific attraction for a first-time traveller is the Bull Ring City Centre, also known as La Malagueta. While there, spectators can enjoy bull fighting and other performances in an outdoor theatre resembling Roman coliseums.
Like most great travel destinations, Malaga can’t truly be put into words or summed up in a list of activities or sights. But all of these factors combine to make it one of the most fascinating and enjoyable places to visit in a country that is already high on a lot of travellers’ lists.


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  1. Uptourist says:

    I have been to Spain once. I love how they have olives on the table all the time and how the trains are interconnected. There are also museums all around. Not like my country.

  2. Steven Jones says:

    Terrible place, All my money was robbed from hotel 24 after being there. The place is overcrowed, loud and the food is bad, bad bad. All fried cheap crap

  3. Sam Lawrence says:

    Wow! I’ve been in Malaga and it’s absolutely beautiful. I love its people, its beaches, its food. The last time I’ve been in Andalucia was in Sevilla, in october. So I decide to rent out their apartment in Seville and my god… It was even more perfect that I’d imagined. I highly recommend it, because I’ll rent it for sure when I go back.

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