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Duba Libre in Mongol Rally

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I’m delighted to bring to your attention a new journey which promises to be legendary… a girl and three boys will do the Mongol Rally in a van this summer. If last year there were two romanian teams (and one american-canadian team with a Dacia Logan bought in Romania), this year Simona, Alex, Radu and the “Invisible” one (or simply – team “Duba Libre”) will go on the adventure of their life, to Mongolia. I’m happy to say that “Imperator Travel” can give them a helping hand by becoming media partner of this adventure,  which Simona will keep you up-to-date about (or at least that’s her promise :)) . But until then, let’s all see who are these brave guys and what they plan on doing.


A girl and three boys decided in the winter of 2014 to go to Mongolia. Why we did this, find out in the following article. We are: Alex, Radu, The Invisible One and yours truly, Simona.

The idea of doing the Mongol Rally wasn’t a new one, but rather a burning desire since 2010. Unfortunately, life “happens” and plans kept being delayed, up until these brave boys came to my aid and decided to join this great adventure.

Duba Libre Mongol Rally logo.png

And because we like to “complicate” our lives, we thought it should be very interesting to make and post a short video every Tuesday, until we leave, and during the Rally. Here’s a link to our second video, the one in which we show you our brave side: Bungee Jumping 140 m high, in Cheile Rasnoavei, Romania.

I’m sorry, I realise now that maybe you don’t know for sure what Mongol Rally is all about. It’s a charitable Rally, and speed is not relevant, nor is the order in which the teams arrive at Ulan Bataar. The purpose is the experience, the adrenalin, and of course, the charity cause. Each team is required to donate at least 1000 Pounds at the finish line, 500 of which go to Cool Earth.

It all starts on the 22nd of July, in Prague, the finish line opens on the 9th of August and closes on the 30th , and each team is free to choose their route. The Rally itself requires a little insanity, but also a lot of courage, because our car isn’t necessarily the newest or the best equipped for off-road, and believe me, we have a lot of off-road ahead of us.

Duba Libre is a 1980 VW T3, modified with solar panels (because we are hardcore internet users and we try our best to be as “green” as possible). Furthermore, Duba Libre goes on used motor oil, which you can get for free at almost any auto-service. All we need is 15% diesel fuel to get the right viscosity and we’re all set.

We don’t like to take things for granted so we decided to raise the stakes. We’ll get the van up and running ourselves before we leave. We’re going to buy the necessary parts (or get them from donations), and learn how to weld, repair, and basically everything there is to know about the car, and do it ourselves. We want to get the satisfaction from doing things with our own hands, and because the “Duba” is the most important element, it’s vital we do it well! Great ambitions? Yes, we have them!

Duba Libre, Mongol Rally.jpg

This experience is not only about a real adventure, but also about teamwork. We’re great together and we promise you this: you’ll hear more about us and our plan to understand the world and make it a better place!

And since we’ve come to this, here’s the opportunity to meet everyone:

Alex Vrinceanu is just a dreamer – spends most of his time inside his own mind, having random conversations with the voices in his head. He desperately wants to see the Milky Way from the desert, and spending the night in the middle of nowhere stargazing while listening to Morcheeba – “Enjoy the ride” is his idea of happiness. He loves sunny days, french fries, Zippo lighters, the sound of vacuum cleaners, the smell of grass, laughter and whispers. He doesn’t go anywhere without his flip-flops, and doesn’t have the slightest clue about cars.

The Invisible One learns best about himself while being on the road. A nomad at heart, he  feels he’s alive only when he’s moving. In a previous life, he worked in advertising, but now he’s looking straight ahead. He likes being “Invisible” because it gives him the freedom of being who he wants, and since he wants to be a lot of things, it’s easier this way.

Radu – The sarcastic one, is not your average dreamer, but rather a more practical fellow… and he puts all his efforts into beliving that. His thing: funny stuff have a way of happening around him, he constantly finds himself in ridiculous situations, that he somehow forsees, but still does nothing to prevent, it’s complicated…you’ll see.

Sarcasm is without any doubt his disease, but  laughter is the medicine, so no matter how difficult a situation may get, you can count on him to open a peculiar perspective that may, or may not worsen the case J  According to him, he rarely takes the right turn down the crossroads of his life, but somehow he manages to stay on the nicEAST TRAIL.

As for myself, Simona Stanescu, I wander the world, whether it’s alongside my better half, my friends, doing innovative campaigns, or, why not, all by myself. I’m affraid of a lot of things, but I often insist on exceeding my limits. That’s how we come to understand that the man who was scared the other day about traveling by himself had no reasons to be affraid… and most of all, I want to be the best I can be. To give something back, at least a good thought. They seem so rare these days!


We’ll get a chance to discover a whole lot of less touristy countries. How many of you thought, for example, to visit Turkmenistan and the amazing „Gates of Hell”? Or Baikonur, the place where, in 1981, Dumitru Prunariu was launched into space aboard the Soyuz 40 spaceship?

We’ll pass through 16 countries and cover aprox 16.000 km in a month, a month and a bit. We don’t know for sure, because there are so many unknown situations along the road, anything could happen. And to make our trip more about charity and less about adventure, we’ll try, as much as possible, to use our van. We’ll sleep in it, we’ll improvise a shower system and everything. So there’s 4 of us, 3 boys and one girl, stuck in 2 m2 for 16.000 km and we’ll try to save as much as we can, so we can donate more.

We don’t want Mongol Rally to be just another thing checked on a long to-do list. You know, people make lists quite often. See this, visit that, go skydiving….they make these lists, but don’t have an explanation for the reasons behind them. We want to discover, learn, conquer the Pamir Highway, go through Iran (work in progress). Our jobs force us to hurry back and not linger, but at the same time, we want to make the best out of this whole experience and not fast forward through it.

A thought haunts me for some time. That change has to come from the inside. I feel like we have to understand that we are all a part of a very fragile ecosystem and we need to give up certain prejudices and unnecessary fears to be able to help each other.

This adventure helps us find out more about this wonderful world, about ourselves and the people around us. It’s an opportunity to find out how can we be useful for the society that we live in.

You can follow us on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/dubalibre, and on our dedicated YouTube channel.

You’ll find the stories and the pictures at www.lipa-lipa.ro, where I’ll tell you more about this adventure as seen through my eyes. I’ll tell you more about the road, the places, the people, the police bribes, the guys’ egos and mine,  about how we’ll manage to function in peace and harmony.

Go Duba Libre! We’ll send more articles exclusively to Cezar, which we thank for the support!


Thank you for your support, here’s the Duba Libre anthem, don’t forget to subscribe :).


 Duba libre

3 din 4 Duba Libre.jpg

3 out of 4

Duba Libre - Mongolia.jpg

Ready to go

Interior Duba Libre.jpg

Inside Duba Libre

Duba Libre van

Simona Stanescu naked

 Simona, the author of this text


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  1. Povonte says:

    Oh, how wonderful was that! Thank you for sharing it, too.

  2. Will says:

    Can’t wait to read the detailed posts from the road. Good luck guys, and have fun!

  3. Klaudia says:

    If you like traveling, shoot a video from one place you travel to and send to this contest:
    You will be able to win some flight tickets :)

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