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Shopping Tour through El Born

14 September 2016 Spain, travel stories 1 comment


Do you want an El Born tour that will make you feel like a real local Catalan? Well, Independent Boutique Shopping Tour through El Born will give you just that. This is a walking tour that will take around 3 hours. If you are a shopaholic, then this will test you shopping limits due to the variety of boutiques & designers in Barcelona.

This tour will begin at the time and place that suits you best. Be it at the city center or lobby of your hotel room. You will be in the company of an expert guide in shopping who although not a personal shopper, they will take you to some of the best boutiques & retail shops in El Born.

El Born is in the heart of Barcelona and right next to the Gothic Quarter. This neighborhood has some of Barcelona’s best fashion minds and hip boutiques. It has all the beauty of the Barric Gotic with narrow streets and quaint café-covered squares. With a high degree of local life, this Independent Boutique Shopping Tour through El Born will give you a crossroad of fashion, bohemian & historical.

Next, on this tour you will get to experience the Medieval Born, which during the ancient times was the quarter of the guilds, harboring artisans and craftsmen. In modern day, the artisan’s atmosphere is still well felt with modern designs such as ceramics, glass, and jewelry complementing the traditional crafts.

In addition to the stroll on this narrow street, you will get a personalized visit to the boutiques. Here, you get the chance even to walk behind the counter and see where the art is created, the atelier. The Independent Boutique Shopping Tour through El Born brings out the artistic element in shopping for you. During the tour, you will then take a break in a centenary café where you can enjoy some of the best chocolates in Barcelona. The variety of old and new restaurants will give you a traditional Catalan and the cuisine d’ auteur experience.

It is important to note that because this is a walking tour no transport is included in your tour fees. It is also advisable to book the Independent Boutique Shopping Tour through El Born for any other day besides Sunday. This is because many shops & markets do not open on Sunday.

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  1. Jane says:

    Wow… It looks soooo yumie ! Need to put this on my bucket list for my next trip to Barcelona !

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