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Prague: The Bohemian Diamond of Europe

12 August 2016 Czech Republic 8 comments

Ever since the Velvet Revolution changed Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic, Prague (otherwise known as “The City of a Thousand Spires”) has quietly become one of Europe’s hippest travel destinations, joining the ranks of renowned European hotspots such as Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.  Where else can you order some of the best beer in the world simply by placing a beer mat on your table?


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The culture, history and beauty of the city has put it in league with London, Rome, and Venice, and tourists come by the droves in both summer and winter. 27.8 million foreign visitors enjoyed the very Bohemian capital city in 2015, but even the crowds do not take away from the stunning visuals of the Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral or the Old Town Square.


Even without a specific plan for events, there is plenty to see and do in the historic city. But as Prague has risen on the list of vacation destinations, it has attracted some pretty spectacular events and festivals.  If you plan to travel to Prague in the next 6-8 months, consider the following events and arrange your holidays accordingly. Here’s our breakdown of the best events Prague has to offer in the coming months.


September: Eat, Drink, Run and Be Merry


If you can stay for over a week, you will get the opportunity to eat the finest foods, taste the newest wines but also work off all those extra pounds the former will get you. September 8th begins the annual 4-day Mediterranean Festival in the heart of Prague.  The cuisines of Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Lebanon and Portugal come together in this exhibition, offering specialties to eat, as well as products and recipes to take home.  There is also live music each day.

Prague Marathons

Image Source: endurance.mk

Apparently, marathons are very popular in this hip Bohemian city as there are almost a dozen held each year.  September 10 sees the Birell Prague Grand Prix, the last major running event of the year. The course is ran at night through the illuminated and often enigmatic historical streets and the Old Town Square celebrates the finishes of the races with live music and dancing.


September is also the month of Wine Festivals, with three separate festivals taking place in the Czech capital.  September 10-11 is the Festival of the Grape Harvest at Prague Botanical Gardens. September 17-18 is the Festival of Grape & Wine Tasting at Prague Castle, and September 28 is the St. Wenceslas Vines Festival at Villa Richter.  All these festivals offer sampling of local fine wines and newly fermented wines as well as local food.  There is also live music and, at the St. Wenceslas Festival, traditional knightly contests for entertainment.


December: Play Like You Can’t Lose – Dance Like No One is Watching


While Prague may not be have the reputation of being one of the top cities in the world to go betting in, it is the home of about 20 casinos, ranging from small sports betting places to more high-end, glamorous and VIP-filled palaces like the Casino Atrium at the Hilton Prague Hotel.

Prague Castle

Image Source: pokerarena.cz

Since 2007, Prague has been a tournament host for the EPT, and 2016 is no different.  The high-stakes European Poker Tour will hit the Atrium Casino December 8-19, and the winter setting of Prague is considered one of the most fun stops on the tour.  This year’s tournament is shaping up to promise as much excitement as 2015’s when Germany’s Hossein Ensan finally won the Prague Main Event, bringing in €754,510.  Previously he had only placed 3rd and 6th at the finals table.


If you want to take a break from playing or watching the high rollers, you can roll yourself over to the Magnetic Festival held on December 16th at the PVA Expo.  Magnetic Festival is the highest rated indoor electronic music dance festival in Central and Eastern Europe. The strong lineup of in demand artists and loyal followers from around the world allows the festival to build a memorable one night only giant music club.


March: Films, Fairs and Erin Go Baugh


March is an amazing time to visit Prague.  Winter is over and he summer crowds have not yet arrived.  You get the city pretty much to yourself… well, not really.  March holds two different international film festivals. From March 6-15, the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival arrives; featuring thought provoking documentaries by lesser known directors and producers.

Prague Rickman


The Febiofest International Film Festival takes place on March 23-31, featuring the best of the past year’s cinema releases. Films are screened throughout the day, and the evening holds a premiere music festival featuring the best in jazz, blues and alternative rock artists.


St. Matthews Fair in Prague is the oldest, most famous and most visited fair in the Czech Republic.  It usually takes place over the entire month of March with a little overlap into February and April.  Attractions include foreign and domestic thrill rides, shooting ranges, live entertainment, local and specialty food and drink and other sweets. The fair began more than 400 years ago and through the years the rides have gotten better and more thrilling.


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(Image Source: independent.co.uk)


In the midst of all this is St. Patrick’s Day. Irish bars in Prague tend to stretch St Patrick’s Day into St Patrick’s Week – or at least Weekend. You will definitely find a lively atmosphere, lots of promotions and plenty of green beer.


Every month holds special events in Prague with the city being famous for the opera, ballet, and classical concerts.  Modern and classic rock bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Simon and The Cure love to make Prague a stop on their tour.  There are so many unique ways to explore this city.  A trip to Prague will fulfill every type of music, art, food, beer, wine and travel lover.  It’s definitely worth a week or even a month to explore.  You may never leave.





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  1. Kriysti says:

    Great Post…Awesome place….you are shared brilliant ideas traveling Prague (Czech Republic).

  2. I’m regretting being in India, during September, after seeing this post 😛
    Food and live music! Sigh!

  3. Abe says:

    Prague is truly an amazing place to visit for us canadians!. Planning to take our kids this winter. Thank you for your great post!

  4. Jay Khan says:

    Events that are occur here are very famous, people comes across the world to celebrate yearly events.

  5. Great that place is looking so good and Buildings are one of the best attraction and it have so many beautiful things to get fun. Awesome photos you shared of that place.

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    It looks a nice place to travel.

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    very amazing place and beautiful so i relay planning to visit

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    The wonderful article that I have ever go through. Such wonderful information that I got from here. Such an amazing place to visit

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